Carlos López and Javier Bermúdez de Castro, recognized in the GC Powerlist: Europe: Latin America Specialists

The legal advice secretary general and director at Secuoya Content Group and legal director at Secuoya Studios form part of the prestigious Legal 500 ranking

The prestigious legal ranking, GC Powerlist: Europe: Latin America Specialists has recognized the efforts and work of the legal advisor and secretary general of  Secuoya Content Group, Carlos López, and Javier Bermúdez de Castro, Secuoya Studios’ legal director. This list, which represents the first edition of its European version, spotlights the best in-house legal directors and advisors. The Legal 500 reaffirms its commitment by recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of Europe’s leading lawyers operating in the Latin American market.

“I wanted to share this recognition with you, which is particularly important this time as I get to share it with a great professional, my Secuoya Studios colleague and friend Javier Bermúdez de Castro Berbel. What an honour and a pleasure to have spent these days in the company of such great Latin American professionals and colleagues. Lastly, my thanks go to The Legal 500 (Legalease) and all my colleagues at Secuoya Content who have made this day possible”, asserted
Carlos López.

The GC Powerlist publication plays a crucial role in recognizing the achievements of professionals at the forefront of in-house legal management and advice, as well as giving value to their contribution to promoting European and Latin American
legal practices. Secuoya Content Group now forms part of this important

Javier Bermúdez de Castro, representing
Secuoya Studios

Secuoya Studios also joins the GC Powerlist thanks to the efforts of Javier Bermúdez de Castro, the legal head of the production studio for Spanish-language content for the global market and recognized in the GC Powerlist: Europe: Latin America Specialists


Bermúdez de Castro highlighted the important opportunity the studio’s legal team has created: “Thanks to Secuoya Studios’ experience in all the projects we have produced this year, in which I have had the chance to lead, from a legal perspective, we have positioned ourselves as a leading partner for the big
studios in Latin America and Spain, as well as the Spanish-speaking market in
the US.”

Secuoya Content Group
Secuoya Content Group