Raúl Berdonés shares the commitment made to the sector by the Audiovisual Cluster in Madrid and the importance of internationalization in Iberseries & Platino Industria

The chairman of Secuoya Content Group also participated in the presentation of the Cluster in Andalusia, held on the last day of the conference at Matadero Madrid.

Raúl Berdonés, executive chairman of Secuoya Content Group and the first chairman of the Audiovisual Cluster in Madrid, affirmed the new association’s commitment to the development of the audiovisual sector during a talk that outlined the plans and initiatives of this cross-cutting business platform, which took place on the closing day of the third edition of Iberseries & Platino Industria, held in the Casa del Lector at Matadero. He was accompanied by Carlo D’Ursi, vice-chairman of the Cluster; Ana Julia de Miguel Cabrera, general director of institutional relations and strategic projects for Madrid City Council; Gonzalo Cabrera, general director of cultural promotion for Madrid, and the secretary general of the new association, Patricia Motilla, a partner at Andersen Global. The talk was chaired by Julio Di-Bella Roldán, president and co-founder of El Gran Bajío.

Created last March, the Audiovisual Cluster in Madrid aims to generate jobs, business and support different entities through its participation in the industry. “Madrid is at the epicentre of the audiovisual production world, with almost 77% of the total production undertaken in Spain. It has fallen to me to pick up a baton that I will pass on so that everyone can make a contribution and help the project make sense” asserted the Cluster’s chairman Raúl Berdonés.

First step of the sector’s internationalization

Berdonés highlighted the need for greater visibility abroad, underlining the best method for achieving this: moving forward together. “The strategy must be developed and we are here to help in terms of fiscal matters, securing shoots and post-production… We needed a Cluster in Madrid and it has arrived at just the right moment”, Gonzalo Cabrera stressed.

“This cluster is the first step towards the internationalization of the audiovisual industry”, Motilla confirmed. Working together, therefore, is a vital incentive for this Madrid-based platform to keep striving towards its goal. It offers a different and beneficial way for professionals in the audiovisual sector to carry out their projects unhindered by complications and obstacles.

Confirmation of the Audiovisual Cluster in Andalusia, LAND  

The Minister of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, presented the new Audiovisual and Digital Content Cluster for Andalusia, (LAND), which aims to position this southern region of Spain as the epicentre of Europe’s audiovisual sector. Gustavo Fuentes, the current head of Grupo ADM, will be the chairman of this initiative that brings together 19 leading companies from the audiovisual sector: Agencia Digital de Andalucía, Andalucía Film Commission,  Fresco Film Services, Giants Gaming E Sports, Grupo ADM, Secuoya Content Group, Kaiju Group, Movistar+, Proamagna, RTVA, Rokyn Animation, Sandetel, 16 Escalones Producciones, la Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales, La Claqueta PC, ODDERS LAB, Concursa and Sevilla City Office, Womack Integrated Marketing and Laboratorio de Creación Artística (formed by Merlín and Teatro Soho Televisión).

The new Andalusian organization is looking to improve the sector in the region, as well as “eliminate bureaucratic hurdles and paperwork to save time and streamline processes, thereby meeting the needs of the audiovisual sector, as well as facilitating permits for shoots at historical and cultural heritage sites”.

Raúl Berdonés, chairman of the Madrid-based cluster and executive chairman of Fundación Secuoya, participated in the talk and conveyed his satisfaction with the new link: “I have never had any doubt and am very proud of the fact that Secuoya had to maintain its offices in Andalusia”. Gustavo Antonio Fuentes Aguilar, for his part, conveyed his “excitement that a region that was so full of talent could also become a region of opportunities”.

Over the past year, Andalusia has played host to a total 1,406 audiovisual production shoots, providing 1,758 managed locations, which generated 23,000 direct and indirect jobs and an economic impact of 141 million euros, a record figure for Andalusia and representing a growth of 19.33% on the previous year.



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