La 7, a leader in social commitment and professional excellence

The Region of Murcia broadcaster wins multiple awards for its commitment to equality, solidarity and inclusion

La 7, a regional television channel committed to society, solidarity, equality and professional responsibility, has been recognized with a number of different awards for its work in different areas. These prizes, awarded by prestigious organizations, underscore the channel’s dedication to promoting equality, inclusion and raising social awareness. Each award is testimony to the positive impact that La 7 has had on society and the television industry. From promoting NGO work in the Region of Murchi to recognizing technical talent among their crews, the channel has displayed a firm commitment to excellence in all its forms.

Solidarity Award from the ONCE Foundation The ONCE Foundation has recognized the work of La 7 in raising awareness about the work undertaken by different NGOs in the Region of Murcia. The award, presented in Murcia’s Circo Theatre, is centred on the program ‘Corazón Solidario’ (Heart of Solidarity), presented by María José Ortiz, which covers a different voluntary sector association or initiative each week


Company Equality Award from OMEP The Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (OMEP) has awarded La 7 for its measures in equality. This award, presented in the Romea Theatre in Murcia, also recognizes the channel’s work in promoting the role of women in society through informative programs.

Laurel Award for Full Inclusion Full Inclusion, which brings together all the associations that work with People with Intellectual Disabilities, recognized La 7 two years ago as a collaborating company and this year has presented the channel with its highest award. The presentation took place in the Víctor Villegas Regional Auditorium.

Antena Silver Award for the Best TV Professional for José Francisco Zapata The Professional Association of Radio and Television of the Region of Murcia (ARTV) has recognized José Francisco Zapata, La 7’s chief technician, as the best television professional of 2023. Zapata is a multidisciplinary technician known for his outstanding work at La 7 and now a model throughout the region, thanks to his particular sensitivity for lighting in all kinds of shows.

These awards are recognition of La 7’s work in promoting equality, inclusion and raising social awareness, as well as for its professional responsibility. The regional channel reaffirms its commitment to continue to serve as an example in all these areas, bringing added value to its viewers and society in general.

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