Secuoya Content Group will manage the new audiovisual hub, Sevilla Content City

The Andalusian production hub will be an international leader in audiovisual production

Sevilla Content City, the new audiovisual production hub in Tomares (Seville) will be managed and used by Secuoya Content Group, a leading Spanish company in content production, development and distribution. Secuoya Content Group, with over 15 years’ experience in the audiovisual industry, will take charge of the operation and management of these facilities, through Drago Broadcast, with the aim of driving the sector’s growth in Andalusia, identifying needs and opportunities, as well as generating wealth and new jobs.

“We are thrilled to present our implementation plan for the new production hub Sevilla Content City”, announced Raúl Berdonés, executive chairman of Secuoya Content Group. “This project is a fantastic opportunity for the development of the audiovisual industry in Andalusia and Spain. Secuoya Content Group has the experience and knowledge needed to make this hub an international leader in audiovisual production,” the Andalusian executive added.

For his part, the mayor of Tomares, José María Soriano, who met with the executive chairman of Secuoya Content Group, Raúl Berdonés, and the Roots Real Estate managing director David Becerra, accompanied by the city’s councillor for Economic Development and Digital Transformation, Eloy Carmona, highlighted that “this new audiovisual production hub in
Tomares, Sevilla Content City, managed by Secuoya Content Group, and equipped with a state-of-the-art sound stage, film set, backlot, production and post-production rooms, represents a great opportunity for our community. This is a major business project that will make Tomares a draw for the
audiovisual industry in Spain and Andalusia”.

The production centre, which is expected to go into operation in 2024, will have a state-of-the-art film set, production and post-production rooms and other services, which will allow national and international filmmakers to take full advantage of the opportunities that Andalusia can offer their projects. The innovative space has a floor area of 4,087m2, of which 880m2 are to be used for the film set, which is perfectly soundproofed and built conceptually as a sound stage, and 2,115m2 to be used as offices. Sevilla Content City has a generous backlot, which allows for quality outdoor shoots.

Its different technical rooms include production control and sound control, which will undergo a major overhaul in terms of equipment, technical facilities and technology, in order to meet with today’s high international standards.

Sevilla Content City, which joins the World Content City project, developed by Roots Real Estate, will serve as a magnet for the audiovisual industry, with the aim of transforming Seville and Andalusia into a leader in the sector. The hub will offer a wide range of services to producers, from space and equipment rental to consultancy and training.

Santiago Yuste Arranz
Santiago Yuste Arranz