BGL provides cutting-edge audiovisual integration for La Orotava Botanical Garden

The company owned by Secuoya Content Group fits out the visitors centre and the events room of this natural site in Tenerife

BGL, a subsidiary of Secuoya Content Group, collaborates in the audiovisual integration project for La Orotava Botanical Garden, located in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) and one of the most spectacular and original botanical gardens in Spain.

A technological extravaganza and immersive sound

The project includes the visitors centre right through to the events hall, where BGL has installed over 50 state-of-the-art screens, including touchscreen options that enable dynamic and educational interaction with

With over 30 strategically arranged speakers, the Botanical Garden offers a wrap-around sound experience, providing exceptionally high-quality and uniform sound, serving as the perfect complement to the majestic surroundings.

Technology at the service of nature

Personalization is key to the Botanical Garden experience. To achieve this, BGL’s project makes use of individual audio systems which allow each visitor to plunge into their own journey in sound.

All these technological elements are managed through a centralized system, which not only ensures devices are monitored and operational, but also integrates seamlessly with the lighting system, enhancing the natural beauty of the museum.


Alejandro Romano
Alejandro Romano