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An authentic audiovisual structure

At Secuoya Content Group, we are a global community of professionals and companies. We generate value through the creation, production and post-production of audiovisual content.

We are an international INDEPENDENT audiovisual group with Spanish shareholders, a leader in the creation, production and distribution of content.

Our audiovisual

Fundamental pillar of our company’s value creation strategy and epicenter of the content generation business.
High-quality media, professional equipment and technical solutions for content production and post-production.
A VFX, virtual production and advanced post-production company for Fiction, Film and Advertising.
Audiovisual Engineering and Integration Solutions: Broadcast projects, Museums, Immersive experiences, Led screens, VR, Videomapping, Holography.
Services for administrations and public televisions
Services for audiovisual companies

Value solutions in media

Oriented towards activity with companies and brands that seek to generate content and experiences to transmit their values ​​and messages in new market contexts.