XPOST Studios: safe, confidential and quality post-production

Luis Ochoa, DRAGO’s head of image post-production; Iñaki Lacosta, Xreality’s co-founder and senior visual effects supervisor; and Marcos Requena, XPOST’s post-production manager, delivered the talk ‘XPOST: We turn your project into a reality’.

Among Secuoya Content Group’s projects is the recent creation of XPOST Studios, a post-production department that offers a new, modern and cutting-edge alternative for domestic and international production companies.

The third edition of the Terrarium Talks, organized at Iberseries & Platino Industria, hosted the new post-production studio XPOST Studios, located in Madrid Content City and owned by Secuoya Content Group, on the morning of October 5.

Ignacio Lacosta, XREALITY’s cofounder and senior visual effects supervisor; Luis Ochoa, DRAGO’s image post-production manager; and Marcos Requena, XPOST’s post-production manager led a talk outlining the company’s latest news, projects and its trajectory within the audiovisual sector.

In it’s three years of life, XPOST has undertaken over 4,000 shoot sequences for renowned productions such as the recently released ‘Awareness,’ defined by Lacosta as “a bold move by Amazon with tremendous visual effects”. “We have been able to save between 16 and 24% on shoot costs thanks to new technologies, and turn sequences around side by side with the directors”, he highlighted.

With around twenty post-production rooms, including editing rooms, sound post-production, colour grading, VFX and a digital laboratory, XPOST Studio is designed on state-of-the-art infrastructure. “We are specialists in processes during the run-up to shoots, from filming certain sequences to saving on costs,” asserted Iñaki Lacosta.

This optimization is possible thanks to XPOST Studios’ advances in post-production, something Luis Ochoa made very clear: “The best way to optimize post-production processes is proper pre-production planning”.

XPOST Studios is led by a team of acclaimed professionals in the audiovisual industry with extensive experience in the sector. Marcos Requena underscored the teamwork and basic principles that guide this newly created department. “XPOST’s principles are based on quality, service, confidentiality and safety,” concluded Requena.  


Santiago Yuste Arranz
Santiago Yuste Arranz