Santiago Yuste: “The idea is to use AI to optimize processes, make them more efficient and provide our departments with better tools”

Secuoya Content Group’s IT director spoke at the talk ‘The AI revolution for audiovisuals: virtual sets, predictive analytics and advanced recommendation systems,’ organized at Iberseries & Platino Industria

“The use of AI contributes to sustainability by reducing travel time,” Santiago Yuste stressed during the event

Secuoya Studios is at the forefront of the latest advances in audiovisuals, a sector in constant growth and inextricably linked with technological advances, led in recent years by virtual reality and artificial intelligence, both of which have signaled a revolution in the industry.

Secuoya Content Group’s IT director, Santiago Yuste, came to Matadero Madrid on the morning of Thursday October 5 to take part in a talk about the major changes taking place in the industry and how the existence of AI is marking a before and after, as well as the use of this new technology in streamlining processes.

Iberseries & Platino Industria placed the metamorphosis of the audiovisual sector in the spotlight with the talk ‘The AI ​​revolution for audiovisuals: virtual sets, predictive analytics and advanced recommendation systems’. Those attending the talk, chaired by Francisco Asensi, Senior Advisor for Spain Audiovisual Hub, enjoyed contributions from five industry leaders on how to increase a production’s value, accelerate schedules and reduce costs.

Alexandra Falla, director of the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation; Mayte Hidalgo, Head of Mediapro’s Data and AI Center and José Manuel Lorenzo, CEO of DLO joined Santiago Yuste in a fascinating debate organized for the market.

Sustainable advances

The group’s IT department, led by Santiago Yuste, is working on how processes can be streamlined and performance improved in each of Secuoya Content Group’s departments. “Our idea is to employ new technologies so we can offer our colleagues the best tools and increase workflows. We are running a number of projects for handling AI-generated information,” highlighted Yuste, which means projects can be undertaken in less time.

Secuoya Content Group’s projects also enjoy the possibility of reducing timeframes and costs and committing to sustainability when it comes to finding locations: “Once we’ve already got the scripts, AI proposes alternative locations for the production department,” he said. This is an environmental dilemma for which artificial intelligence can optimize the identification of the most suitable shooting locations, which, among other benefits, reduces our carbon footprint by saving on unnecessary travelling.

Santiago Yuste thereby reaffirmed the ability of artificial intelligence to ensure processes require less time, which, in turn, boosts the strengths of any production: “The idea is not to take shortcuts with creativity, but rather for it to take nine months instead of six to be put into practice”

Secuoya Content Group
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