‘Equipo de Investigación’ returns to LaSexta for its 13th season

new episodes of the show produced by CBMedia is back in its Friday primetime

The legendary crime show on LaSexta is coming back to our television screens. ‘Equipo de investigación’, one of the country’s longest-running series on the small screen, begins broadcasting on Friday September 15 with a new episode that looks at the events and question marks surrounding a famous crime.

The show, co-produced by CBMedia (Secuoya Content Group) and Atresmedia, kicks off its 13th season with ‘Crime in Thailand: The Daniel Sancho Case,’ a 70-minute account of everything that was not told concerning the murder of Edwin Arrieta last August in the Asian
country. This episode takes us to Thailand, Colombia, Chile and Spain and is masterfully hosted once again by Gloria Serra.

Leading crime show

With 13 seasons and over 460 episodes, ‘Equipo de Investigación’ is undoubtedly a leader in its timeslot, trending on social media and attracting thousands of viewers all thirsty for its latest analyses. The show has been running since 2011 and has looked at a host of tragic stories, including murders, youth gangs, drug-trafficking and gang

Since it first came to our screens
in January 2011, the format, co-produced by CB Media, and with an average 2.1 million unique viewers, has aired on different channels within the group, from Antena 3 to laSexta, as well as broadcasts on Neox, Nova and Mega. The episodes can also be streamed on the Atresplayer platform. 

Secuoya Content Group
Secuoya Content Group