Secuoya Content Group

The Spanish independent media group begins a new phase with its sights set on being a world leader in Spanish-language content

Secuoya Studios plays the starring role in the end-to-end strategy of the company’s business model

After the company’s consolidation as an independent media group under the ownership of Spanish shareholders, Secuoya is now embarking on a new era set on becoming the world’s top Spanish-language content producer. This new stage, a natural consequence of the firm’s trajectory and commitment during its 15 years in the industry, looks towards a new corporate image that clearly represents its ambition to integrate the creation, production and distribution of stories for the global market. Secuoya Content Group brings together leading companies in their respective business niches and a community of professionals and creatives, thereby strengthening its core business: the development and production of premium Spanish-language content. This renewal, under the slogan, “Creating the future with you,” seeks to incorporate the best talent and most outstanding producers in the Spanish-speaking market, as well as promote co-production with key partners in the international audiovisual industry.

“At Secuoya Content Group we’re excited to announce a new stage on our way to becoming leaders in the generation of Spanish-language content. Our company has secured its position as the only independent Spanish media group and is now embarking on an end-to-end strategy that, together with our partners and collaborators, will enable us to make a contribution to a stronger, more competitive and influential international industry. At Secuoya Content Group we are committed to creating the future with you and delivering quality content that captivates audiences from around the world,” asserts Raúl Berdonés, the executive chairman of Secuoya Content Group.

With over 500 clients around the world, 2,000 direct employees and more than 10,000 partners across different projects, Secuoya Content Group has developed a solid strategy for its international expansion, which includes partnerships with major entertainment companies throughout the globe. This successful business model is present in four markets: Europe, the US, Latin America and the Middle East, with offices in Madrid, Los Angeles, Miami, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Bogota, Doha and Abu Dhabi. 

Secuoya Studios, the figurehead of its business model

With Secuoya Studios earmarked for the implementation of its 360º end-to-end operation strategy, the company is making a firm bid for the world’s finest talent, its sights clearly set on generating the best Spanish-language stories for the international market. Secuoya Studios is also working on the development of English-language projects, produced both in Europe and the United States. The studio, headed by James Costos, is focused on large-scale local productions with a global vision, developed to the highest standards of any Hollywood production.

In this regard, the strength of Secuoya Content Group’s studio lies in its capacity to bring in top-notch creative talent, and provide the technical means, professional teams and high-quality solutions for production, post-production (editing, sound and colour) and VFX, as well as the facilities (sets, offices and multipurpose spaces), within an internationally unique ecosystem, World Content City – a pioneering film studio platform, with a total 47 sets across four countries (Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal)- which is committed to ensuring sustainability in all its operations. An end-to-end studio that integrates 100% of the value chain in the generation of premium content, including creation, distribution and marketing and communication strategies. 

Secuoya Studios follows a production model that maintains total or partial IP, financing productions through distribution licenses with windows and territories, domestic and international distributors and (co)production with partners and producers. Secuoya Studios also develops production commissions (Originals) and has recently incorporated feature-length fiction adaptations and co-productions (Stories). 

Secuoya Content Group also enjoys the support of long-standing companies from the conglomerate: BPO, providing solutions and outsourcing of production units; Drago and BGL, companies specialized in high-quality equipment, teams and solutions for production and post-production, as well as the integration of audiovisual engineering, and Secuoya Nexus, dedicated to the generation of content and experiences for brands and companies.

Secuoya Content Group
Secuoya Content Group