Secuoya Content Group joins the Cartagena International Film Festival (FICCI) as a corporate member

The leading audiovisual production company, actively present in Colombia since 2018, joins the longest-running festival in Latin America

As part of its positioning efforts in Latin America, Secuoya Content Group, the leading audiovisual content creation, production and distribution company for the global market, joins the region’s longest-running festival, the Cartagena International Film Festival – FICCI as a corporate member. Focused on creation, showcasing and attracting audiences, the two entities have joined forces to bring the best of film, streaming and transmedia productions to more viewers.

“Our connection as corporate members goes beyond a simple partnership. It represents a firm and passionate commitment to Colombia and the strengthening and ongoing improvement of this crucial film and cultural space. It is our honour to offer the experience that Secuoya Content Group has amassed over many years of tireless work in the industry, bringing quality content to a diverse range of audiences, and now to the FICCI. The future awaits us and the opportunities
this door will open are enormous,”
asserts Raúl Berdonés, chairman of Secuoya Content Group.

An opening to new audiences

The executive board of the Cartagena International Film Festival Corporation, led by Hernán Guillermo Piñeres as chairman, is not only tasked with decision-making, but also with choosing the directors and ensuring the festival runs smoothly and accomplishes its goals, which it has for 63 editions. Forming part of the executive board does not just mean opening to new audiences, but is also reward for the excellent hard work that Secuoya Content Group has put in over the past 15 years, raising the bar in terms of quality and distinction to ever
higher standards in the Latin American audiovisual industry. 

“Secuoya’s arrival is not just great news, it is also a thrilling challenge for this new stage for the festival. We should highlight the commitment the company has shown to the festival’s integrity, their artistic and creative vision, and above all, their readiness to build together. As a result, we can explore new forms of sustainability for the festival, while at the same time strengthening our mission to promote the visibility and development of the film industry in Colombia and across the world,” asserts Hernán Guillermo Piñeres, chairman of the Cartagena Film Festival Corporation.

Secuoya Colombia at FICCI

Secuoya has big plans in Colombia and we are proud to form part of this new stage for the
Cartagena International Film Festival, where, aside from sharing knowledge, we are also committed to working shoulder to shoulder to enrich the country’s cinematic experience and promote the development of its audiovisual industry,”
underscores Daniel Hernandez Bocanegra, Secuoya Content Group’s director general for Latin America.

The company will also be making a major contribution to the activities on the academic agenda of edition 63 of the FICCI, which will take place on 16 to 21 April. This alliance aspires to creating more positive spaces for the audiovisual sector, which will strengthen and continue to generate gatherings where cinema and transmedia narratives can revolutionize the sector. 

Secuoya Content Group
Secuoya Content Group