Raúl Berdonés supports creating a formal body in Latin America thet pools talent, financing and resources

Secuoya Content Group participated, for the second consecutive year, in Content Americas, held from 23 to 25 January in Miami. During this meet for the US market, where content producers and distributors establish agreements and connections with the market’s biggest buyers, there are also panels and conferences with leading names in the industry from both sides of the Atlantic. Last Wednesday, 24 January, Raúl Berdonés, the company’s executive chairman, shared a keynote session with Pierluigi Gazzolo, CEO of Vix, the world’s biggest Spanish-language platform, in which they spoke, among other issues, about the sector’s short and medium-term opportunities, as well as its major challenges and the key role of strategic alliances for the future success of content in Spanish.

For Berdonés the key lies in building a “silver bridge” which strengthens the links between the Spanish-speaking and US markets. “It is essential we can unite talent, financing and resources. This has to be a public and private bridge, which covers the issue of investment funds, creating a legislative employment framework, so that the talent here can go there and vice versa”, asserted the chairman of Secuoya Content Group.

“The day we can make this truly function and flow, we’ll be on a level with Hollywood. This is a crucial challenge which we must rise to and for the success of which we all have to contribute our grain of sand,” Berdonés stressed.

The company chairman also advocated the development of high-quality sustainable content. “Let’s make increasingly sustainable content, and here we are certainly going to overtake the US. The market is once again shrinking towards the US and what we can do to balance out that investment and ensure it falls to other countries is work towards greater sustainability. The United States is a long way from making 100% sustainable productions, and that’s where the challenge lies for us to mark the difference, because the same platforms are going to need that sustainable content,” the chairman added.

Alejandro Romano
Alejandro Romano